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A Simple Way to Understand Health and Healing

X-RayThink of healing as a process that involves an ongoing, rolling, rebuilding of our body over time.

Each of the cells of our body eventually dies and is recreated by the body. Sick or expired cells essentially don’t heal; they simply die and are replaced by new ones.

For example, our red blood cells live about 120 days, our liver cells work for about 30-40 days and, similarly, every other cell in every tissue and organ has its own natural life span, after which, the cell simply dies off.

Every second of every minute, sleeping or awake, our body’s cells are dying and new ones are being made. (we have over 100 trillion cells)

At the end of just one year, we are, pretty much, a completely different person with new cells, rebuilt by our own body from the inside out. …. But these new cells can be either healthy cells or not so healthy cells.

This rolling process of replacement and regeneration of our body’s cells, tissues, and organs follows a very exact program in order to create the correct cells, in the right quantity, the perfect quality, and at the right time.

These cells, tissues, glands, and organs, produce every chemical that we need to make in order for us to adapt to our environment. … The sweat we need to cool off, the glucose we need for energy, the adrenaline we need to run for a bus, the enzymes we need to digest and utilize food, the chemicals we need to sleep, the ones we need to wake up… etc, etc, etc.

In other words, in order to rebuild ourselves healthfully, we need to be able to express and follow that intelligent internal program that comes with our body.

It is our nerve system that is the conduit for that intelligence. That intelligent, inborn program is what heals us and rebuilds and renews us and organizes us into the normal functional state we call health.

Vertebral subluxation is an interference to the expression of that intelligent life energy in the body; an interference to the program that organizes and rebuilds our body healthfully.

The goal of your chiropractic care is to correct subluxations; to allow the body to constantly and on-goingly rebuild and regenerate itself healthfully.

The fact is that, if we are rebuilding with a clear and connected nerve system, we will be rebuilding ourselves, over time, healthfully and according to the program that nature has provided us.

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