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Meet the Support Team of Central Connecticut Chiropractic

Dr. Kyle Floryan, Associate Doctor

Photo of Dr. Kyle FLoryanHi, I’m Dr. Floryan. I grew up in Madison, CT. As an adolescent I experienced intense low back pain while playing volleyball at Southern  Connecticut State University. Being a stubborn teenager, I didn’t want to go to the chiropractor because my mother recommended an appointment. I finally went after it started to impact my ability to play at my maximum potential on the court. Upon my examination I was able to see my spine for the first time and see that a structural shift had taken place over the years. The doctor worked out a plan to correct the shift. As a result of correcting his spinal structure I noticed that the secondary conditions (symptoms) disappeared when my spinal structure was intact. This dramatic change motivated me to pursue a career to help others who can be helped through proper spinal structure.

I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Palmer is the fountainhead of chiropractic and the location that chiropractic was started. I wanted to immerse myself in this environment. During my time at Palmer I completed my student clinical rounds, my outpatient clinical rounds, and received the opportunity to travel to Brazil to give chiropractic care to impoverished areas. I spent several days at 3 different cities in Brazil – Lencois, Seabra, and Salvador. The experience was amazing and the days were spent adjusting the people from early morning until dark.

At Palmer (outside the classroom) I was a member of the volleyball club. I had the honor of competing in the chiropractic games in Coco Beach, FL. The chiropractic games are a competitive event where all the chiropractic schools send down their best teams in order to represent the school. I was fortunate enough to be the captain of the Palmer volleyball team.
I also spent several hours being mentored by my teachers and other successful chiropractors. My main focus was on perfecting the art of delivering an adjustment. I believe that a successful adjustment is when you are as specific as possible, done in the right way, at the right time. This is a philosophy that I hold dearly and still practice to this day to improve my skills.

Chiropractic is specific or it’s nothing

-BJ Palmer


Brandi, Chiropractic Assistant

Photo of Brandi

I have been a Chiropractic Assistant here at Central Connecticut Chiropractic since June 2010. I have always been drawn to the healthcare field – it is so rewarding to work in a field where I can help improve people’s lives and I love the positive energy we have in our office.

Before I came to Dr. DiRubba’s office I had no idea what chiropractic care was all about. Every day I learn something new and truly believe in the body’s ability to heal naturally. Being a part of educating the community and watching our patients begin their journey to good health and staying healthy is such a pleasure. I am proud to work with Dr. DiRubba and the rest of our wonderful team.

The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. Very pleasant group! -Karen C.


Ashley, Financial Coordinator

I was introduced to chiropractic care after being injured in a motor vehicle accident while pregnant in 2013. I was delighted to receive immediate results and really enjoyed the difference in philosophy.

Although I am certified as a Paralegal, I am very happy to be here at Central Connecticut Chiropractic, providing insurance information and affordable payment options to our patients for the care they need.

I am excited each and every day to work with such amazing teammates in an industry I so strongly believe in the value and importance of. Seeing people being helped as I had been and continue to be everyday is a wonderful way to spend my work week.

Come see us and meet us, if you haven’t already!

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