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Pediatric Headaches at Central Connecticut Chiropractic

The National Headache Foundation estimates that over sixty percent of all children suffer from occasional headaches. The majority of school-age children get headaches, and many have headaches on a recurrent basis. Even before entering school, roughly one-third of children experience a headache at some point. Children miss more than one million days of school each year because of headaches.

Supporting Resources

Children with frequent headaches may suffer more in some respects than children with more physically devastating conditions like cancer and arthritis. Children with headaches were adversely affected in all areas of functioning, including school performance, emotional development, and physical health.

Powers, S. Patton, S, Hommel, K. “Quality of Life in Childhood Migraines: Clinical Impact and Comparison to Other Chronic Illnesses.” Vol 112 July 2003 p.1-5

“A history of migraine headaches may set up children for a lifetime of under-achievement.”

Richard Lipton, M.D.

Children who experience frequent headaches are more likely to grow up with an excess of both headache and other physical and psychiatric issues. Children with headaches do not simply “grow out” of their physical complaint, but may instead “grow into” them.

British Medical Journal
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Pediatric headache is an increasingly reported phenomenon and there is evidence of impaired function of the upper cervical spine in children with cervicogenic headaches.

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“Over 70% of all headaches arise from problems with the cervical spine and its related structures.”

Canadian Family Physician
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Chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine were found to be superior in terms of reducing tension headache frequency, intensity, and also improving functional status of patients when compared to standard medical treatments.

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