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How long?

How Long?… :
How long does it take for dental practitioners to change the position of teeth? In fact, it can take years. And that’s with the constant pressure from braces.
We can’t rely on braces. Instead, we depend on a series of chiropractic adjustments that specifically target the subluxated spinal bone involved in the nerve interference. Adjustments provide a precise force at the right time and place to make spinal changes.
How long it will take for your spine to be healthy?
Under ideal circumstances, on average:
General Tissue Repair can take anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks;
Muscle or Tendon healing can take 10 days to 10 weeks;
Ligament Healing will be around 50% in 6 months, around 80% after one year, and as close to 100% as possible in 1-3 years;
Tissue Remodeling can take 3 weeks to 1 year to complete;
Angiogenesis (the formation of new capillaries), which is imperative for healing to occur, requires months to complete.

Chiro Care Plan
These numbers will vary dependent on how healthy you are and what stresses you are exposed to and again we’re talking ideal circumstances.
Stress (physical, chemical, emotional) that may contribute to a subluxation never goes away. It may take only 2 weeks of being subluxated to cause arthritic changes in the joints of the spine. We won’t even get into the neurological issue and decreased health life potential.
So knowing this, I’m sure you realize that it would be a good idea to keep up with regular care. And make sure friends and loved ones know this too.

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