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Is it the Pollen or the Person?

Is it the Pollen or the Person?


It’s such a beautiful time of the year. The earth resurrected from a long dormant winter. Everything comes back to life. Pollen, like a fertilizer from God, reaches out to Bless Nature with all of the requirements needed for plentiful and abundant season. Why is it that People have somehow become so bothered by this yearly dose of wonder? The whining starts just about everywhere you go. Can’t complain about it being too cold… Can’t complain about it being too Hot… Let’s complain about The Pollen. Were we really put on a planet we’re Allergic to? Have we weakened our systems so much that we can no longer tolerate the planet unless we’re medicated? Are there any birds with terrible Pollen Allergies? Raccoons??? How about Bees???

Somehow, kids everywhere are allergic not only to the earth they’ve been put on but everything they eat as well. Adults aren’t much better. Here’s what most folks do. “Allergic” Responses happens primarily due to an imbalance of Histamine. Histamine plays a key role in many of the body’s vital functions. Did you know Histamine is intimately associated with your ability to sleep, sexual function and libido, can contribute to the development of Multiple Sclerosis as well as Mental Disorders and many other functions. When people become bothered by an imbalance of Histamine they typically take a Anti-Histamine. This is a drug that wipes out Histamine in the body. It seems to “Work” except for one problem. Your brain now reads the signals from the body that say, “WE HAVE NO HISTAMINE!” The brain then signals the body to immediately increase Histamine Production. What do you think happens next??? Not only do your symptoms get slightly worse week after week and year after year but you contribute to the development and effects of every other condition related to Histamine imbalance; sleep disorders, sexual function and libido, Multiple Sclerosis, and Mental Disorders.

The further we get from Nature, the greater the problems we’ll see in it’s inhabitants. Every unnatural thing we put into the body brings us further from nature. Every time man attempts to “Enhance” or “Advance” nature, more problems are created. Those problems are typically “treated” using the same level of thinking that created them. That level of thinking brings us even further from The Creator. As this escalates, we find fault with The Creation and continue to attempt to improve on Nature by removing the parts that are working overtime to assist in the Adaptation. Tonsils and Adenoids, which are part of THE IMMUNE SYSTEM will work hard to clear impurities from your body. When they are working hard and doing their job properly, they appear larger than what would be considered “normal”. The same level of thinking then assumes that THEY must be the problem and suggests they be removed. Now you will go through the rest of your life with parts of your IMMUNE SYSTEM removed. Do you think this will Improve and/or strengthen Your Immune System??? Once again bringing you further and further from nature. Does anyone have a dog or a cat that needed to have their tonsils taken out??? Mama Mia… I could go on forever but you get the picture.

The Pollen count is the same for My Family and I as it is for you and yours. Why is it that we don’t spend our days going from Dr to Dr and drug to drug? Why is that we have NEVER had a Vaccine or an Antibiotic? Why is it that we are not allergic to the Planet or our food but most others seem to be? Does the fact that we’ve received Regular Chiropractic Care from birth play a role? Does our mostly Organic, Non GMO food sources have anything to do with it? Do we make decisions that align with Nature or do we constantly fight against it? Our decisions and Actions in Life have EVERYTHING to do with it. Follow the path that consistently leads to LIFE or follow the path that consistently takes you further from it??? Your Choice… It’s Not The Pollen…

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