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The Health Hazards of Sitting at Central Connecticut Chiropractic

The human body is designed to move. For thousands of years, that’s exactly what we did. Recent technological advances began chipping away at physical activity, and people became increasingly sedentary. Whether it’s working, driving, or watching TV, the impacts of sedentary lifestyles, often referred to as “sitting disease,” may be one of the most unanticipated health threats of our modern time.

Supporting Resources

A study from the American Cancer Society finds a link between long periods of sitting and a higher risk of death from all causes, including 8 of the 10 most common causes of death.

American Journal of Epidemiology
Patel, A. Prolonged Leisure Time Spent Sitting in Relation to Cause-Specific Mortality. (6), 2018

“For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking.”

Dr. Martha Grogan, Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic

“To understand movement is to understand the whole brain. And therefore it’s important to remember when you are studying memory, cognition, and sensory processing, they’re there for a reason, and that reason is action.”

Dr. Daniel Wolpert

Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle along with too much sitting is linked to degenera- tion in regions of the brain that are critical to memory formation. Thinning in this brain region can be a precursor to cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Science Daily
April 12, 2018

Study results have demonstrated associations of prolonged sitting time with premature mortality and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Preventative Chronic Disease
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Too much time sitting and sedentary behaviour is linked to an increased risk of depression. ADHD and anxiety in adolescents.

The Lancet Psychiatry
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