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Uphill or Downhill?

Jack Lalanne – Uphill or Downhill?

As usual, Jack says it well, the only way to coast is by going downhill.

A simple, yet important, truth you need to know is that everything is always changing, even You!

What you must also understand is that there are only two ways that your body can change in any moment…You can get a little stronger (healthier), or… You can get a little weaker (sicker).

Our goal at the end of the day is to have spent more time getting stronger than weaker, so that we have become stronger overall each day.

The Strength of your body at any given moment is determined by how fully you are expressing your innate intelligence (life energy).

Maximal expression of your innate intelligence brings health and so much more.

If you want to help your body keep getting stronger and healthier Three Things are Needed:

  1. A Deliberate and Positive Focus
  2. A Healthy Lifestyle (proper exercise, nutrition, rest, etc.)
  3. A “Clear”Neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body.

A clear neurological connection is what helps you keep thinking good things, it helps you use all the good things you get from your healthy choices and it is what really keeps you getting stronger all the time!

When you get checked and adjusted you are making sure your innate intelligence is free to do its job so that you can keep getting stronger, healthier, and happier all the time!